The Agile ABC

A like agile, a re:think blogseries

We want to push the Agile transformation forward and help companies to develop an innovative corporate culture. Therefore, we will introduce you to Agile topics with a series of upcoming blog posts and try to make it “easy to understand” for everyone within 5 minutes. Starting point is the “A” like Agile – What is that hype about “Agile”?

The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1.1: Validation

For our Digital Transformation Model, Consult One took a deep dive into six companies that went through a digital transformation. Together we analyzed how the companies planned, executed, and reviewed their transformation efforts and how they dealt with the three areas of transformation, Digital Maturity, Mindset- and Business Transformation.

The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1: Introduction

Digital Transformation Model

Most Digital Transformation endeavors aim to improve the innovation capabilities of a company. More often than not they fail to realize that your Digital Transformation might actually be three transformations! It’s time for a comprehensive Model of Digital Transformation.