The Metaverse – the next place of innovation? 

The Metaverse. Once a dystopia (1992 in “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson), now on everyone’s lips as the “new thing”? The idea of virtual reality permeating our everyday lives is not new, but it is only through the current state of technology that it has reached the point of practical relevance.  

Achieving Platform Play – Critical Success Factors

“The platform endgame has started” – this is how Handelsblatt described in December 2019 the current situation on the platform market.  American internet platforms have long dominated the market for digital business-to-consumer platforms and are occupying antitrust authorities worldwide with their dominance. In the case of B2B business models, the dominance of a few platforms is not yet clearly evident. However, platform business models are on the rise in the industrial sector. Many platform providers are looking for a sustainable business model, sustainable monetization of their service offering and suitable differentiation from the competition. In addition, more and more mergers and takeover activities can be observed, which can be interpreted as first indications for an incipient consolidation of the platform landscape.

Validating the re:think Digital Transformation Model

For our Digital Transformation Model, Consult One took a deep dive into six companies that went through a digital transformation. Together we analyzed how the companies planned, executed, and reviewed their transformation efforts and how they dealt with the three areas of transformation, Digital Maturity, Mindset- and Business Transformation.
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