The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1.1: Validation

For our Digital Transformation Model, Consult One took a deep dive into six companies that went through a digital transformation. Together we analyzed how the companies planned, executed, and reviewed their transformation efforts and how they dealt with the three areas of transformation, Digital Maturity, Mindset- and Business Transformation.

The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1: Introduction

Digital Transformation Model

Most Digital Transformation endeavors aim to improve the innovation capabilities of a company. More often than not they fail to realize that your Digital Transformation might actually be three transformations! It’s time for a comprehensive Model of Digital Transformation.

The minimum loveable, but maximum transformational product.


The minimum viable product is not a new idea, but it’s not gone either. In many cases it should go. It’s simply not good enough — at least when it matters. Of course, if you develop a new consumer product that is not really important to the lives of people, go ahead and introduce a MVP, fail early, fail often and all that. But today, the real challenges we face are challenges of transformation. If you want to transform something, you need to involve the people, you need to motivate them, you need to empower them.