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Wir sind stets am Puls der Zeit und stellen unsere Erkenntnisse gerne auf die Probe. Unsere Team publiziert laufend kurze Artikel zu aktuellen Themen, und umfassende Studien zu unseren Beratungsschwerpunkten.  

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The re:think Digital Transformation Model

Innovation is the driver of all growth. Most Digital Transformation endeavors aim to improve the innovation capabilities of a company or project. More often than not such endeavors fail to realize that Digital Transformation alone is not enough. Your Digital Transformation might actually be three transformations! But what does that actually mean? And what are the key milestones and drivers? It’s time for a comprehensive Model of Digital Transformation
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Everybody is suddenly working from home — and that can be a problem.

Many of us are already used to work remotely, be it from home, from hotels or in co-working offices. Some on a daily basis, some only partly. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced many more people as usually to work from home because companies were forced to close, businesses and offices had to shut down and almost everybody is supposed to stay home. Often this happened overnight with little time to prepare, or setup all these homeoffices with careful planning and security instructions. In fact, quite the opposite was the case.
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