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Wir sind stets am Puls der Zeit und stellen unsere Erkenntnisse gerne auf die Probe. Unsere Team publiziert laufend kurze Artikel zu aktuellen Themen, und umfassende Studien zu unseren Beratungsschwerpunkten.  

Viel Spaß beim Lesen! 

The Agile ABC

We want to push the Agile transformation forward and help companies to develop an innovative corporate culture. Therefore, we will introduce you to Agile topics with a series of upcoming blog posts and try to make it “easy to understand” for everyone within 5 minutes. Starting point is the “A” like Agile – What is that hype about “Agile”?
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The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1.1: Validation

For our Digital Transformation Model, Consult One took a deep dive into six companies that went through a digital transformation. Together we analyzed how the companies planned, executed, and reviewed their transformation efforts and how they dealt with the three areas of transformation, Digital Maturity, Mindset- and Business Transformation.
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