The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1.1: Validation

For our Digital Transformation Model, Consult One took a deep dive into six companies that went through a digital transformation. Together we analyzed how the companies planned, executed, and reviewed their transformation efforts and how they dealt with the three areas of transformation, Digital Maturity, Mindset- and Business Transformation.

The re:think Digital Transformation Model 1: Introduction

Most Digital Transformation endeavors aim to improve the innovation capabilities of a company. More often than not they fail to realize that your Digital Transformation might actually be three transformations! It’s time for a comprehensive Model of Digital Transformation.

Everybody is suddenly working from home — and that can be a problem.

Many of us are already used to work remotely, be it from home, from hotels or in co-working offices. Some on a daily basis, some only partly. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced many more people as usually to work from home because companies were forced to close, businesses and offices had to close