Everybody is suddenly working from home — and that can be a problem.

Many of us are already used to work remotely, be it from home, from hotels or in co-working offices. Some on a daily basis, some only partly. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced many more people as usually to work from home because companies were forced to close, businesses and offices had to shut down and […]

The minimum loveable, but maximum transformational product.

The minimum viable product is not a new idea, but it’s not gone either. In many cases it should go. It’s simply not good enough — at least when it matters. Of course, if you develop a new consumer product that is not really important to the lives of people, go ahead and introduce a MVP, fail […]

Glückliche Mitarbeiter

Corona sorgte für einen Quantensprung in Sachen Digitalisierung von Unternehmen. Tools für Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit boomen, und zwar praktisch immer in Verbindung mit der einen oder anderen Form der Cloud. Doch viele Bemühungen laufen ins Leere ミ wie kann die Digitalisierung gelingen? Hier steht eine Zwischenüberschrift Verbindung mit der einen oder anderen Form der Cloud. […]